Josep Busquets always stayed in close contact with the town of Valls, from his early days as a sculptor and artist. The connection came both from his birth and period of study there and hence he is known as Valls´s sculptor.

It was his favourite location, both emotionally and as a place of work, for the sculptor over the course of his life. Valls became an active shelter from which to project and produce his work. At the outset, the city commissioned the most important post-war work: the reconstruction of the altarpiece of St. John’s church. Since then the town has been enriched by his work. A clear example of this can be found in the “Xiquets de Valls” Monument, which was his most representative and monumental work, the “Narcís Oller” sculpture and a long etc.

Two of Busquet´s most striking habits were sharing time with artist friends and his strong links to the Olla Group of artists from town. He also had very strong links to Joan Sanromà and to Joan Serafini who worked under him on the Altarpiece for St John’s church.

This connection can also be seen in parts of his work which includes a vast and solid output destined for Valls and characterised by the unique feel of Valls traditions.

He was a member of the Valls artists group, and he participated in several of their exhibitions in Tarragona. These Valls art friends in their personification as the Olla Group were vital activists in driving forward both artistic and festive events in town.