Josep Busquets was a prolific sculptor. His works are to be found in private collections, the Museum of Valls, the Museum-Workshop of the artist located at the Masía Reduan in Valls and in public commissions located throughout the streets of Valls.

Josep Busquets highlights a human and teaching idea, in no way academic, where he displays his love of clear Mediterranean light and of a task well done which was so characteristic of the 20th century Catalan “noucentista” school. However Busquets went further, creating both his own style and his own concept, thanks as he himself stated to being faithful to himself and to his own ideas of what sculpture means in intimate relation to life itself.

Using the artists own words to describe his work: “I have 3 periods, the first was very forceful, the second was milder, the third was direct carving.”
His work springs from the primitive world, it is out of time, it does not belong to any school, it is timeless yet simultaneously it cannot avoid being classical. It is work touched by the Mediterranean world.