Josep Busquets (Fontscaldes 1914-Barcelona 1998) was one of the most famous sculptors Valls has given the world.
His works can be found in a large number of private collections and a considerable number of public spaces.
Special mention should be made of the huge number of his pieces which can be seen in Valls whether in the open or in churches.
This strong connection to the town of Valls has now been strengthened by the opening of the Josep Busquets Museum-Workshop in the Reduan Masia.
It is a symbolic location to understand the artist’s work.

This house where he spent part of the year, is the place where he produced many of his most important works:
at the threshing ground, in the shadow of the pines and in the little workshop behind the masia.
These spaces are complemented by a display room which has been refurbished to show a representative selection of the artist’s work with pieces dating from the late 30s up to works sculpted in the early 1990s.

It gives an overview of more than 50 years of artistic practice. Wood carvings, plaster sculptures, terracotta, bronze and stone sculptures as well as a selection of drawings fill the exposition. Everything from religious sculptures to the nude, the latter having been his favourite theme.

It is now possible to visit all of these locations thanks to the generosity of the family so that anyone wanting to know Busquet´s work better can call in.

Jordi Paris i Fortuny
Director Valls Museum